President Patent Attorney

-Celebrating the 33rd Anniversary
of Our Foundation-

Our office was established by Shinjuku Gyoen in 1984 and thus turned 30 in July 2014. Everything we are today, we owe to our customers: researchers producing world-class products as well as professionals working in various business fields. Our customers have kept a fatherly eye on us with patience and have kindly supported us. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your patronage over the years.

These 33 years have been a turbulent period for the intellectual property system around the world. Successful intellectual property strategies are important and have a major effect on national economies. China has caught up with the United States and now files the greatest number of patent applications in the world, leaving Japan far behind. Like the United States, China also actively leverages its intellectual properties.

To achieve our “Customer First” objective under such circumstances, we must satisfy our customers’ needs appropriately and quickly by giving advice on the protection, usage and development of intellectual properties based on a deep understanding of our customers’ business, with a broad perspective on the global economy.

Our efforts to achieve the above objective include the following:
Firstly, we relocated our office in April 2017 in order to provide even more efficient, higher-quality services. Taking this opportunity, we will archive documents for establishing our customers’ important rights, enhance security measures, and strengthen cooperation among staff from both hardware and software perspectives.
To maintain our customers’ confidence, it is crucial to improve the quality of our service. To do this, each of our staff members must enhance their technical understanding, and we must establish a system for handling a broader range of technical fields.

Secondly, to help us build such a system, two patent attorneys joined us in August 2017. Please see the attachment for their profiles.

With the philosophy of “Customer First,” we are working toward the next 30 years. We greatly appreciate your support, and look forward to growing together, strengthening the bonds of trust and continuing good business relations for many years to come.

President, Patent Attorney          Kazuyuki Hirayama
Vice President, Patent Attorney       Yasushige Kakimoto
Senior Patent Engineer, Patent Attorney  Michikazu Kondo
Adviser, Patent Attorney           Naoto Kan

  • 2017/08/01 Additional Information
    President Patent Attorney Kazuyuki HIRAYAMA

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    president Kazuyuki HIRAYAMA, patent attorney
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